Sunset HHSC Comments on Child Protection

Testimony to the Sunset Advisory Commission

Texans Care for Children opposes the consolidation of the agencies underneath a super-structure as proposed by the Sunset Commission Staff and instead calls for the implementation of a variety of solutions correctly identified by the Sunset Commission Staff Report as having potential for greatly increasing the effectiveness of our social service agencies. Only once these immediate challenges are addressed should the Legislature consider overhauling the organization of these agencies.

As it relates to child protection, Residential Child Care Licensing (RCCL) should not be separated from other CPS functions under the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). The proposed change in the organizational structure and staffing of RCCL would impact the safety and overall well-being of our state’s most vulnerable children.

At this time, we urge the committee to support stronger regulatory standards of licensed foster care providers, through strengthened monitoring and oversight activities by RCCL, including enhanced training, development of best practice standards, and guidance of direct RCCL staff under the direction of DFPS.

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