Help Moms Have Healthy Babies

Good health in childhood begins before birth, with the health of mothers-to-be. It is forged early on with the care and attention we give our babies.

Newborn Texans deserve a level playing field. Yet some babies enter the world with better chances than others. The infants whose mothers receive consistent prenatal care, who time their pregnancies right for healthy outcomes, who receive doctors’ advice even before conception—these are the children less likely to be born prematurely or at a dangerously low birth weight. Likewise, infants who have medical care, including the right supports for any concerns that arise, face better odds than the children who have to go without seeing a doctor. To make sure more young Texans start life out right, it’s important to pay attention to health care supports for women, healthy newborns, preemies, and infants with special needs.

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