Texas School Readiness Dashboard: Which Recommendations Passed the Legislature this Session?

Every child deserves to arrive on the first day of kindergarten ready to thrive for years to come.

To accomplish that, Texas leaders and communities need to work on key factors that influence school readiness, including:

  • sufficient household resources, 
  • positive adult-child interactions,
  • good health and development, and 
  • enriching early learning experiences

Last year, we launched the Texas School Readiness Dashboard to provide the data needed to measure the state’s progress in these four areas — and to provide state policy recommendations for improving school readiness.

We have now published an analysis showing which Texas School Readiness Dashboard policy recommendations passed the Legislature this year and which fell short.


Stay tuned for updates on the Dashboard later this year with regional data on key indicators for school readiness and updated state-level data where available.

We look forward to working with you to ensure that Texas improves on all of these measures that are so important for ensuring children start school ready to succeed.