Remembering Jacquie Porter

We are devastated that Jacquie Porter — our friend, colleague, and Founder’s Award honoree from just five months ago — has passed away.


So much has happened since March, but in many ways it feels like just yesterday that Jacquie stepped on stage to accept that award and a big hug.

We offer our most heartfelt condolences to her family, her colleagues at the Texas Education Agency and Austin ISD, and everyone else who was close to Jacquie.

It’s especially hard to lose someone when you know there was so much left for them to do. That’s certainly the case with Jacquie.

But we also know that she accomplished so much during her time with us — as the early childhood education director for Austin ISD and then for the state of Texas, as the chair of the Texas Early Learning Council, as a classroom teacher, as a friend, and as a family member.

And it helps a little to know that for years to come, when we look into the eyes of Texas kids who are confident, successful students, we will be looking at Jacquie’s legacy.

Of course, the kids aren’t the only ones whose lives were touched by Jacquie. 

If you worked with Jacquie, you couldn’t help but be inspired by her big heart, her mix of strength and humility, and her ability to crack the right joke or flash a warm smile just when you need it most.

In the coming days, we will learn more from her family about how we can pay our respects and honor Jacquie’s legacy. If you would like me to share that information with you as I receive it, please let me know.

Hug your loved ones — or send them a virtual, socially distant hug — and keep up Jacquie’s fight to ensure that all kids get the early support they need to fulfill their promise.