Support HB 1521: Ensuring the Success of Youth Involved with CPS & Justice Systems

Testimony to the House Juvenile Justice and Family Issues Committee. 

The limited coordination and data sharing between the juvenile justice and child welfare systems results in costly, and sometimes counterproductive, duplication of services and worse outcomes for youth. To improve effectiveness and efficiency, Texas must improve information sharing between the juvenile justice and child welfare systems.

Oppose HB 3859 Regarding Children Served by Faith-Based Foster Care Providers

Testimony to the House Committee on State Affairs

HB 3859 has 3 provisions aimed at ensuring children’s rights are protected. However, we are concerned that HB 3859 could be interpreted to limit children’s rights or hurt a child’s well-being based on a provider’s religious beliefs. We recommend 2 changes to ensure HB 3859 will not allow providers to discriminate against children for religious reasons.