We drive policy change to improve the lives of Texas children today for a stronger Texas tomorrow.

Our Mission

We envision a Texas in which all children grow up to be healthy, safe, successful, and on a path to fulfill their promise.

We are a statewide, non-profit, non-partisan, multi-issue children's policy organization. We develop policy solutions, produce research, and engage Texas community leaders to educate policymakers, the media, and the public about what works to improve the well-being of Texas children and families.

Funded by a variety of foundations and individual donations, our work covers child protective services, juvenile justice, mental well-being, health and fitness, early childhood, and the ways that each of those policy areas work together to shape children's lives and the future of Texas.

The organization was launched over 30 years ago by Phil Strickland, then-director of the Christian Life Commission, Baptist General Convention of Texas. 

Examples of Our Recent Achievements

  • Improved access to post-partum depression screenings for new mothers
  • Stronger statewide training and screening requirements for foster parents to enhance the safety and success of children in foster care
  • Broader authority for the state Ombudsman tasked with improving youth safety in the juvenile justice system
  • Extensive press coverage telling the stories of community organizations that provide Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) services and the children with disabilities who would be hurt by state rate cuts to pediatric therapies 

Working in Partnership with Community Organizations

We work closely with community organizations throughout Texas to ensure that state policies support their goals and reflect the lessons they are learning in the neighborhoods they serve.

We collaborate with local partners to advocate for funding for effective community programs, work with state agencies to improve program administration, highlight promising practices in the community that could be scaled up to serve more children, and identify opportunities to share community organizations' successes and challenges with state leaders and the media.