Maddox Hilgers

Policy Fellow for Early Childhood

Maddox Hilgers joined Texans Care for Children in 2022 as the Policy Fellow for Early Childhood. In that role, Maddox plays a key role researching and advocating for policies on child care, pre-k, and other early childhood issues.

Before joining Texans Care for Children, Maddox spent over seven years working in school and child care settings. During the 2021 legislative session, they worked as a policy analyst for the Legislative Study Group Caucus under Representative Garnet Coleman. As a Caucus staffer, Maddox analyzed over 120 policies pertaining to Committees on Human Services, Defense & Veteran Affairs, International Relations & Economic Development, and Urban Affairs. In addition to their policy work, Maddox has also advocated at the state Legislature for LGBTQIA+ protections and against harmful policies. 

Maddox received their bachelor of social work from the Steve Hick’s School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Austin and their masters of social work at the University of Houston. In their free time, Maddox enjoys playing with their cat Rufio, experimenting with different art mediums, and being outside.