Ensure More Texas Mothers and Babies are Healthy by Extending Health Coverage to One Year Post Delivery for Eligible Women


Testimony to the House Committee on Human Services in Support of House Bill 1110

Healthy pregnancies, healthy births, and healthy moms provide the foundation for healthy kids. Access to health care helps ensure more Texas mothers and babies are healthy. One in four Texas women of childbearing age are uninsured and do not have regular access to health care. Currently, Texas Medicaid covers pregnant women with low incomes during pregnancy and up to 60 days following the birth of the baby. However, many women experience complications and health challenges more than 60 days postpartum. In Texas from 2012 to 2015, the majority (56 percent) of maternal deaths occurred more than 60 days postpartum.

House Bill 1110 by Representative Davis would extend the length of time eligible women are covered by Medicaid from 60 days post-delivery to 12 months. This extension of coverage would help ensure moms have access to primary, specialty, and behavioral health care during a critical window of time following the birth of their baby.