HB 55 Will Make Pre-K Even More Effective, Ensure More Kids Are Ready for Kindergarten

Testimony to the House Public Education Committee in Support of HB 55


HB 55 by Rep. Mary Gonzalez will ensure pre-k class sizes and student-teacher ratios are manageable, meet national best practices, and create an optimal learning environment for children. Low class sizes and student-teacher ratios have been shown to boost the effectiveness of pre-k programs, helping more kids be ready for kindergarten and be on grade level in third grade. While state law sets a limit of 22 students per class for kindergarten through fourth grade, there is no statewide standard for pre-k class size or student-teacher ratios. A 2016 report commissioned by the Texas Education Agency recommended a maximum of 22 students and no more than 11 students for each teacher or aide in a classroom with more than 15 students. HB 55 would enact that recommendation to give kids a more enriching early education.