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In the News: Abbott Asked to Study Texas School Policing

Houston Chronicle - Nine child-advocacy groups on Tuesday called for Gov. Greg Abbott to form a task force to study school policing, citing a spate of recent episodes in which officers were accused of using excessive force.

In the News: For Foster Kids, a Push to Make Medical Care Treat Psychological Pain

The Texas Tribune - As Texas looks to improve care for foster youth, a promising model emerges which treats emotional trauma as a medical condition. 

In the News: Budget Cuts Hit Early Childhood Intervention Program

The Texas Tribune - In the wake of the Texas appeals court ruling last month, critical funding for ECI services will now most certainly take a hit. These cuts will make it harder for kids like Sara to meet their developmental goals.

In the News: Quality Pre-K: High demand is heartening, but Texas shouldn't let it dilute first-class programs

Houston Chronicle - School districts representing 86 percent of students in Texas' public schools applied for the state's new pre-k grants. If every application is accepted, the grant funding allotted to each district could amount to less than half of the $1,500 per-student maximum envisioned in HB 4.

In the News: What Will Texas' New Repro Health Safety Net Look Like?

Texas Observer – As the summer launch date for Texas' retooled state-funded women's health programs approaches, family planning providers and advocates want to know why services like hypertension and postpartum screenings have so far been left off the lists of proposed benefits.

In the News: Texas ties pre-K grants to more teacher training or experience

Austin American-Statesman - Stephanie Rubin comments on the new proposed rules for the state's high-quality pre-k program and student-teacher ratios in pre-k.

In the News: Texas Will Begin Tracking Pregnant Foster Youth

The Texas Tribune - A new law will require the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to collect data, including teen pregnancy rates among foster youth, critical in identifying at risk-youth and providing much-needed support.

In the News: Federal judge finds Texas has "broken" foster care system, says she'll order changes

Dallas Morning-News - "The judge has correctly identified a number of achievable steps that Texas can take to provide the safety and support these children need," said former CPS caseworker Ashley Harris, the [Texans Care for Children's] child-welfare expert. "Hopefully CPS, legislative leaders and children's advocates can now move past the legal battles and work together to come up with the solutions and funding to support these children," she said.

In the News: Experts urge Texas to push for limits on pre-K class sizes

Austin American-Statesman - "The research is clear that large pre-K classes are not high quality. We're setting up even the best trained teachers for failure if we put them alone in a classroom with 20, or 25, or even 30 4-year-olds," said Stephanie Rubin,CEO of the advocacy group Texans Care for Children.