A Closer Look at Texas’ Women's Health Programs

We all want children to be healthy, succeed in school, and grow up to be our next generation of great teachers, helpful co-workers, and effective leaders. The first step is ensuring healthy pregnancies and healthy births. One of the most effective strategies to improve health for moms and babies is to make sure moms receive the care they need before, during, and after pregnancy.

That’s why the two newly redesigned programs in Texas – the Healthy Texas Women (HTW) program and the Family Planning Program (FPP) – are so important. Through these two programs, eligible low-income women can get preventive health screenings, women’s health exams, and family planning, including contraception, at little or no cost. When women can plan and space their pregnancies and get the health care they need before, during, and between pregnancies, their babies are less likely to be born premature, which reduces state health costs. Moms are more likely to get early prenatal care and the folic acid they need to prevent birth defects. And there is a lower risk of alcohol and tobacco exposure to the baby. To learn more about how preventive care and interventions improve mom’s health, saves money, and impacts birth outcomes, read our testimony online: bit.ly/2FilOAa.

We appreciate the hard work of legislators and HHSC staff on the redesign and implementation of these programs. Also, as a member of the Texas Women’s Healthcare Coalition, we greatly value the dedicated efforts of the coalition and its broad network of organizations in advocating for women’s preventive health care in Texas.

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