Broad Support for "Raising the Age" as House Prepares to Vote

On Thursday, the Texas House is scheduled to take up HB 122, a critical bill for Texas children.

Today in Texas all 17-year-olds are sent to the adult criminal justice system when they get in trouble, no matter how minor their crime. 

HB 122, by JJFI Committee Chair Harold Dutton, would hold 17-year-olds accountable in the juvenile justice system while maintaining the option of certifying them as adults when deemed appropriate. Senator Bryan Hughes has filed the companion bill in the Senate.

The new report by our Raise the Age coalition provides new data showing the importance of passing the bill.

There is broad support for HB 122. In fact, during the House hearing, 57 organizations and individuals registered for it, and only one registered against it.

Here is a sample of endorsements of the policy change proposed in HB 122:

We're glad to see so much support raising the age, and we look forward to getting the job done soon!