Celebrating Five Successes of 2015

As we head into the final days of 2015, let’s celebrate some of the many successes that we achieved together this year:

1. Breakthroughs in the 2015 legislative session. 

This year the Legislature passed several Texans Care for Children proposals, including expanded authority for the juvenile justice Ombudsman to keep youth safe, new foster care safeguards to protect kids, and a stronger System of Care approach to serving children with complex mental health needs.

2. Pre-k goes primetime. 

Working together with educators, business, law enforcement, and faith leaders, our fight for increased state investment in quality pre-k and the effort paid off: This year, the Governor and legislative leaders were outspoken champions of investing in pre-k.

3. Protecting children’s therapies from cuts. 

This summer’s outcry against cutting life-changing therapies for children with disabilities showed that Texans know the importance of supporting children in need – and can get state leaders to pay attention when we all put our minds to it.

4. Keeping kids on the front page. 

We kept up a constant drumbeat for kids in the media this year, shaping the public debate on effective strategies to improve the well-being of Texas children.

5. Connecting Texans to state leaders. 

This year we helped Texans communicate with their legislators about CPS policies, testify to HHSC about protecting children’s therapies, share their family’s reliance on Early Childhood Intervention, sit down with TEA to discuss implementation of the new pre-k bill, and meet with state officials on the consolidation of health and human services agencies.

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We appreciate your support and wish you and yours the best in this holiday season!