Promoting Health in Early Child Care Settings

Texas Rising Star Public Hearing
by Alice Bufkin and Lauren Dimitry

In 2008, the prevalence of obesity among U.S. children ages 2–5, was 14.8%, compared with 12.4% between 2003 through 2006. Currently, only a handful of policies exist to promote healthy child care environments, despite these settings acting as a major force in shaping children’s dietary intake, physical activity, and energy balance for years to come.  Early intervention is an important first step towards the prevention of childhood obesity. The earlier children are exposed to components of prevention, the more successful children are likely to be in establishing the foundation for a healthy weight into adulthood. In light of the important role early care plays in ensuring kids get a healthy start to life, Texans Care for Children would like to offer recommendations for the TRS Workgroup to consider as it continues drafting its standards. The attached recommendations are intended to offer some examples of how scoring could be modified, but should not be viewed as prescriptive.

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