CPS Foster Care Caseloads Still Dangerously High

Despite recent statements to the contrary, CPS foster care caseloads will remain dangerously high after the 2013 budget increase is fully implemented. At best, each vulnerable child will be competing with 27 other kids for the attention of a single overwhelmed caseworker. 

National best practices - 17 children
(Source: CWLA Standards of Excellence)

CPS in 2013 - 32 children
(Source: DFPS 2013 Annual Report)

CPS after using 2014-2015 appropriation - 28 children
(Source: DFPS Overview of Fiscal Year 2014-2015 Budget, June 10, 2013)

When caseloads are so high, corners get cut, red flags are overlooked, and children get hurt. DFPS needs additional funding to further reduce caseloads and keep foster kids safe.

For more information on our recommendations to improve child safety in foster care, read our report.