Looking back on 5 highlights for Texas kids in 2014

As we look ahead to the 2015 legislative session, we want to take a moment to appreciate what we together have accomplished for Texas kids in 014.

e are especially grateful for these 5 inspiring wins from the past year:

  1. 7,776 educators received Mental Health First Aid training to help them serve students in need. It's always satisfying to see the real world impact of the bills we help pass. In the coming year we'll work to make it easier for school personnel o attend the trainings.
  2. Texas leaders from law enforcement, the judicial system, local government and other sectors came together at our Raise the Age Convening to prepare to end the practice of treating all 17-year-olds as adults in the criminal justice system. We're glad to see a consensus emerging that a high school junior who makes a mistake ould not e treated as an adult criminal.
  3. Remember those days of trying to get policymakers to understand the importance of pre-K and other early education strategies? Times sure have changed. This year both candidates for governor joined the voices of businesses, advocates, and academics in asking that our state ma pre-K a priority. We will build on this momentum to make sure more Texas children have access to quality preK.
  4. San Antonio began an innovative city-wide effort o educate parents and other community members about the health impact of soda and other sugary drinks. As we head into 2015, we will call on the state to support other communities that want to reduce obesity and aunch similar campaigns.
  5. Legislative leaders gave extra focus to child safety by calling hearings on strengthening CPS and appointing a special House committee on the subject. We're glad to see the issue emerge as a priority for next session, and we'll be there every step of the way to ensure legislators reduce CPS staff caseloads and take other important steps.

We're looking forward to working with you to make 2015 an even better year for Texas children.
If you would like to support our work in these and other areas during the 2015 legislative session, please consider making a financial contribution today.

Thank you for everything you do to support Texas children. Happy Holidays!