On Behalf of Millions of Texas Kids, We Thank You

As we pause to give thanks this week, please know we appreciate you. 

Thank you for making the work of Texans Care for Children possible, for believing in what we do, and helping improve the lives of millions of Texas children.

Thank you for your work to tell policymakers that our state policies should better safeguard our children, your investments in the work of making families stronger, and your gift of time to increase our capacity. Your hard fought battles in support of the children in your own life and in support of children that you will never meet make a real difference and have made us all stronger.

I am so grateful for our incredible Texans Care staff, who work tirelessly and with passion and commitment to make Texas a better place for children. And I am grateful for the role you play in helping propel their work forward every day.

ecause of you, more Texas families have what they need to help their children thrive. Together we have:

  • Ensured Jairo, like many other children, could get the therapy he needed to manage his diagnoses, learn in the classroom, and enjoy time with his family.
  • Helped Celeste’s family find the services that have helped her and thousands of other young children communicate with their families and reach other milestones.
  • Brought former foster youth like LaQuinton to the Capitol to share their stories with legislators and improve the systems still impacting their brothers and sisters in the foster care system.

With you and because of you we are ensuring more children grow up in communities where they can eat wholesome foods, where their special needs are identified early and addressed, and where they are given the early educational experiences that can build a path out of poverty.

Because of you we are there to ensure children are resilient and have what they need for healthy emotional development. We are there to protect children who have no family to shield them. And we are there to speak for children who are locked away from home.

I am grateful for you, and I am thankful that Texans care for children.

Have a very happy holiday.

All the best and many thanks,
Eileen Garcia