Comments on TWC Texas Rising Star Rules and Guidelines

Testimony to the Texas Workforce Commission

Thank you for the opportunity to comment. I know a lot of work has gone into developing the rules and guidelines. I would like to suggest the development of program goals, as there are currently none listed in the proposed rules or guidelines, or on the website. This would also help the agency and stakeholders determine outcomes, which is in line with Sunset Commission recommendations for the agency.

Page 21 of the proposed rules lists the following:

(d) The TRS guidelines for rating a child care provider shall:
(1) describe measures for the TRS program that contain, at a minimum, measuresfor child care providers regarding:

(A) director and staff qualifications and training;
(B) caregiver-child interactions;
(C) curriculum;
(D) nutrition and indoor and outdoor activities; and
(E) parent involvement and education;

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