Over 37,000 Texans Petition State Leaders to Cover the Uninsured

For Immediate Release

Over 37,000 Texans to State Leaders: Cover Uninsured Texans Before Time Runs Out
Tens of thousands call on lawmakers to support Medicaid and find path to expansion by Jan. 1

AUSTIN, Texas - Signatures from 37,000 Texans who have added their names to petitions in favor of Medicaid and Medicaid expansion were shared with members of the Texas House of Representatives today. It's the latest evidence--including support from chambers of commerce, local governments, health provider groups and majorities of Texans polled--that there's a groundswell of support for accepting federal dollars to extend coverage to nearly 1.5 million low-income Texans next year. Legislation that would extend Medicaid or advance a "Texas solution" received hearings today in a House Appropriations subcommittee. Groups announced--and displayed on an 8-foot banner--results of petitions from Consumers Union, My Medicaid Matters, Working America, Progress Texas, Texas Well and Healthy, Texans Together, and MomsRising.

"These petition signatures show that Texans understand what's at stake with the Medicaid decision," said Mimi Garcia, organizing director with Texas Well and Healthy. "That includes the billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of health care jobs our state stands to gain. It also includes keeping hospitals at risk of closing their doorsopenfor business. This is the only way for virtually every citizen of our state to have the security of health coverage--the way our nation's health law intended. Texans know our state needs to decide how it will extend coverage to over one million hardworking Texans before January 1. People can't wait, and our state stands to begin losing money on Day 1 of the new year if we fail to act."

Press conference speakers included Chase Bearden, a representative of the My Medicaid Matters campaign, Luis Veloz, an uninsured young adult from Dallas and member of the Texas Organizing Project, and Alexandria Garza, an Austin resident who struggles with chronic health conditions.


Cover Texas Now, Texas Well and Healthy and My Medicaid Matters are broad, statewide coalitions focused on health care coverage issues in Texas. Texans Care for Children is a member and supports media outreach for these coalitions.