Bring More of the Positive into Schools

When schools are strategic and thoughtful about student behavior and classroom discipline using a proven framework, like school-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, it does more than reduce classroom disruptions and bullying. It results in school-wide improvements in academic performance, attendance, and feelings of safety.

An emerging consensus among researchers shows schools are not only a primary place for children to learn academics but where they hone social, emotional, and behavioral habits just as important as school-smarts to their long-term success. Many teachers report feeling ill-equipped to address behavior concerns in the classroom. However, a growing number of Texas schools are adopting frameworks and strategies that guide children and youth to make good choices, while providing teachers the tools necessary to address students’ needs and identify those kids who might need additional help to be better prepared to learn in the classroom. State-level support for efforts like these would bring strategies already shown to work to schools and classrooms across Texas.

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