Support DSHS School Health Network and Tobacco Cessation and Chronic Disease Prevention

Testimony to the House Appropriations Committee on Article II

Not all infant and child health challenges can be prevented, but many can, leading to long-­term savings in our health system. These savings represent healthier students, more productive workers, and a more prosperous Texas. Ensuring all children have access to quality school health is not only a smart investment in the future; it is essential to keep Texas children healthy, ready to learn, and to put a stop to unnecessary costs related to obesity and chronic disease. Unfortunately, when a child develops type II diabetes due to obesity, the financial, social, and economic costs only grow — while taxpayers and businesses foot the bill.  We believe the following recommendations represent wise investments on the part of the Department of State Health Services to put Texas on a path to success while also ensuring our own economic wellbeing as a state. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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