ECI Advocacy Coalition Guiding Principles for the 83rd Legislative Session

The ECI Advocacy Coalition's Guiding Principles are as follows. Texas should:

  1. Preserve the ECI model -- one that is developmental, evidence-based, family-centered and cost-effective. Movement towards a medical or clinical service model must be avoided.
  2. Ensure ECI is appropriated necessary funds to provide services to all children who are eligible.
  3. Avoid further restricting of ECI eligibility to make sure children with developmental delays and disabilities and their families can access services shown to alter their developmental trajectory.
  4. Increase the average number of ECI service hours children receive to the minimum recommended levels in order to promote early success for children and better prepare them to enter other systems, such as schools.

As we approach the next legislative session, there will be sign-on opportunities for ECI Advocacy Coalition principles like these. 

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Individuals and organizations that support the ECI Advocacy Coalition's Guiding Principles.