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House of Representatives County Affairs Hearing (CPS, 1115 Waiver, and more)

  • Texas A&M-San Antonio, Auditorium One University Way San Antonio, TX 78224 (map)

COMMITTEE: County Affairs
TIME & DATE: 12:30 PM, Monday, August 29, 2016
PLACE:  Texas A&M-San Antonio, Auditorium, One University Way, San Antonio, TX 78224
CHAIR: Rep. Garnet Coleman
The committee will hear invited and public testimony on the following interim charges:
Identify and address potential gaps in counties’ cybersecurity policies and ensure that personal information held by counties and other local governmental entities is secure.
Conduct legislative oversight and monitoring of the agencies and programs under the committee’s jurisdiction and the implementation of relevant legislation passed by the 84th Legislature. In conducting this oversight, the committee should:

     a. consider any reforms to state agencies to make them more
     responsive to Texas taxpayers and citizens;
     b. identify issues regarding the agency or its governance that may be
     appropriate to investigate, improve, remedy, or eliminate;
     c. determine whether an agency is operating in a transparent and
     efficient manner; and
     d. identify opportunities to streamline programs and services while
     maintaining the mission of the agency and its programs.

  • Child Protective Services
  • 1115 Transformation Waiver
  • Criminal Justice Programs in Bexar County