Texas Children's Mental Health Forum

The Texas Children's Mental Health Forum brings stakeholders together to identify gaps in children's mental health services so that all Texas children and youth can succeed in their homes, schools, and communities. Join our email list, or contact our Mental Health Policy Associate Josette Saxton at (512) 473-2274 for more information.

Our Research and Resources:

Session Summary: Mental Health and the Legislature (2013 video)
Other groups we facilitate:

Hogg Mental Health Policy Academy

Bring More of the Positive Into Schools (2013 brief)

Make Meeting Children's Unique Needs a Priority in Planning
(2013 brief)

Let Children Who Need Treatment Get It (2013 brief)

Equip School Staff to Help Troubled Kids (2013 brief)

Take Statewide a Solution That's Already Helping Children With Mental Illness
(2013 brief)

Don't Leave Families of Severely Challenged Kids Facing No-Win Choices (2013 brief)

A Check-Up on Children's Mental Health (2012 policy paper)

Child Mental Wellbeing in Texas: The Bottom Line
(2011 report)

Creating a Workforce to Support Children's Mental Health
(2010 policy paper)

Treatment, Not Punishment: Untangling the Mental Health-Juvenile Justice Knot (2010 policy paper)

Promoting Children's Social and Emotional Development (2010 policy paper)

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About The Texas Mental Health Forum brings together families, public agencies, and organizations with a stake in improving children's mental health.

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Quick FactsLearn why children's mental health matters for Texas families and communities.
Best PracticesWhat works when it comes to mental health services for children
Access to ServiceNumerous programs offer mental health services to children, but not all kids who need support can get it.
Youth and Family VoiceInvolving children and families in treatment and recovery decisions is vital to children's mental health.
EducationSchools and other educational settings represent a key source for children's mental health supports.
Child WelfareChildren who have been put in the foster care system frequently have special mental health needs.
Cultural and Linguistic CompetenceIt's important that mental health services take children's cultural and linguistic needs into account.
82nd LegislatureKey documents pertaining to the 2011 Texas Legislature.



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